Learn English through Jokes! 2

Learn some new words and expressions through this interesting short story!

My bridegroom’s first words to me at the altar(1) when I joined him were : ” Who are you? ” It made me think that the hours I spent on myself before going to church were all worth while.

( from a letter in the Daily Mail)cinderella

In villages in Pakistan , a prospective bridegroom is brought before relatives of the bride , who insult him with every known invective.The theory is that , if he can take that , he has nothing to fear from(2) what the bride will say later.

A very pretty young woman had a persistent but unwanted suitor in a nearby town. when she broke off their relationship he wouldn’t take no for an answer and bombarded her with love letters (3) and deliveries of flowers and presents. This postal assault continued for three months until it finally produced results. The young woman eloped (4) with the mail man!

Pay attention to these words and expressions :

1-We use at before the altar! (because it is a place! we use the preposition at when we are talking about a place.)

2- Has nothing to fear from something : It is an expression we use to express something easy and safe. something that you can pass it easily

3- Bombard someone with something : It is an expression which means giving someone something too much.

Example: He bombarded me with insults!
Example: She bombarded her mother with hugs.

4- Elope : It is a verb that means to go away secretly to get married.

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