Making an effort (Easy or Difficult)

Making an effort

Idiom: give something your all
Meaning: use your all energy and effort to do something
Example: I gave it my all, but only managed to came second in the race.

Idiom: go all out
Meaning: use a lot of energy and effort to do something
Example: Jack is going all out to win the contract- I hope he’ll succeed.

Idiom: go out of your way to do something
Meaning: try very hard to do something, usually something nice
Example: Maggie always goes out of her way to put new employees at their ease.

Idiom: pull your weight
Meaning: work as hard as other people in a group
Example: If Sarah pulled her weight, we would easily be able to complete the project on time.

Idiom: by hook or by crook
Meaning: using whatever methods are necessary
Example: Our football team is determined to win the championship, by hook or by crook.

Idiom: pull your finger out
Meaning: make more of an effort (very informal)
Example: If you don’t pull your finger out, you’ll get the sack.

Idiom: at a push
Meaning: probably possible, but it will be difficult
Example: I could finish the report by Wednesday- at a push, Tuesday.

Saying something is easy or difficult

How-was-the-test?How was your test?

It-was-child's-play!Child’s play (extremely easy)
boy_2A piece of cake [extremely easy (informal)]
girlA doddle [extremely easy (informal)]

chinamanAs easy as falling off a log [extremely easy (informal)]

farm_girlAs easy as taking the candy from the baby (extremely easy)

It-was-heavy-going!Heavy-going (difficult and needed a lot of effort)

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