Misused Forms (3)

Using the Wrong Preposition

Most common collocational mistakes which usually Non-native English learners commit.

Get rid of, not from.

Don’t say: I’ll be glad to get rid from him.
Say: I’ll be glad to get rid of him.

Glad about, not from or with.

Don’t say: I was glad from (or with) receiving your letter.
Say: I was glad about receiving your letter.

Good at, not in.

Don’t say: My sister is good in maths.
Say: My sister is good at maths.

NOTE1: Bad at, clever at, quick at, slow at, etc. However, weak in: He is weak in grammar.
NOTE2: He is good in class means that his conduct is good.
Guard against, not from.

Don’t say: You must guard from bad habits.
Say: you must guard against bad habits.

Guilty of, not for.

Don’t say: He was found guilty for murder.
Say: He was found guilty of murder.

Independent of, not from.

Don’t say: Clare’s independent from her parents.
Say: Clare’s independent of her parents.

NOTE: We say dependent on: A child is dependent on its parents.
Indifferent to, not for.

Don’t say: They are indifferent for politics.
Say: They are indifferent to politics.

Insist on, not to.

Don’t say: He always insisted to his opinion.
Say: He always insisted on his opinion.

NOTE: Persist takes in: He persisted in his silly ideas.
Interested in, not for.

Don’t say: She is not interested for her work.
Say: She is not interested in her work.

NOTE: Also take an interest in: She takes a great interest in music.
Jealous of, not from.

Don’t say: He is very jealous from his brother.
Say: He is very jealous of his brother.

Leave for a place, not to a place.

Don’t say: They are leaving to England soon.
Say: They are leaving for England soon.

Live on, not from.

Don’t say: He lives from his brother’s money.
Say: He lives on his brother’s money.

NOTE: Feed on: Some birds feed on insects.
Look at, not to.

Don’t say: Look to his beautiful picture.
Say: Look at his beautiful picture.

NOTE: Also gaze at, stare at, etc. But: look after (= take care of), look for (=try to find), look over (=examine), look into (=examine closely), look on or upon (=consider), look down on (=have a low opinion of), look up to (=respect), look out for (=expect), look forward to (= expect with pleasure),
Look to (= rely on).

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