Praise and Criticism

Praise and positive comments

In these conversations, the second speaker uses an idiom to repeat and sum up what the speaker says.

Meiko: That little village was the most wonderful, beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
Tania: Yes, it really was out of this world, wasn’t it?

Nora: Professor Breen is the best lecturer I’ve ever heard.
Alec: Yes, he is second to none, isn’t he?

Lucy: I’m not looking forward to being group leader after John. He is so popular and successful.
Fregus: Yes, he is hard act to follow.

Larry: Oh, I do like our new sofa. It looks just perfect here.
Susan: Yes, It’s just made for this room, isn’t it?

I admire William. He defended himself very well in the face of all the criticism and made some good points against his critics too.
Adrian: Yes, he gave as good as he got, didn’t he?

Emilio: I don’t get we’ll get tickets for the cup final. They are all sold and we’d have to pay a huge sum of money to buy some on the black market.
Chris: Yes, they are like gold dust.

Mark: Dr Zasta’s research is incredibly original and he has made some important discoveries.
Nuria: Yes, he’s done some really ground-breaking work.

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