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I recently read East of Eden by John Steinbeck, a book about two families living in California between 1862 and 1918. The story is really interesting especially Trask family’s. The writer believes that there is just a story all over the world, which is the fight between evil and good. In other word, anyone, at the end of his life, just have one question left: whether it was good or evil and all stories are built by this question. I’ll going to tell the story of Trask family at the rest.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Cathy the evil girl who gets married with Adam Trask had nice life with her family. She was beautiful, attractive and also a liar. She used to keep up appearances and show herself a nice girl who she was not really. She thought she can use her sexual power for almost anything. She burnt her house and parents because they didn’t let her to leave the school. Police found the body of Cathy’s parents but not hers. She had run away. She went to a whore house and asked the manager a job. At first the man didn’t want her but he thought she can be him. He fell in love with her.  Once, she was drank and told all her story to the manager. Also she told that she is not just his girl friend. Then the man made angry. The man made her to have a trip to a town. When they arrived to the town, the man started to hit her. She was unconscious and the manager thought she is dead and ran away. When she was conscious she went to a house around. In that house, there were 2 brothers. First brother was “Adam” the second one “Charles”. They called the police and also the doctor. Cathy claimed that she doesn’t remember anything. Those guys had a father who had robbed money from army and those brothers inherited all that money. So they were rich. Charles understood all about Cathy while she was unconscious and she was talking. He asked Cathy to leave their house. She went to Adam and told all things that Charles told her. Adam asked her to marry him. He loved her. They marry and came to the brother. Charles was angry and told that she is a whore but Adam didn’t want to accept. That night Charles went out and came back drank. Cathy gave Adam some pills to sleep. That night she had sex with Charles. Adam and Cathy left the house and went on trip. Then she understood that she has a baby. She wanted to kill the baby inside her. But the doctor understood. She told a big lie to doctor because she didn’t want Adam know what she has done. She told that there is an illness in her family and she didn’t want her child has that illness. Then they went to the town and bought a house. The children were born. They were twin boys. After too week she, ran away home and left Adam with two children motherless. she shot at Adam because he prevented her to go. Then she went to another whore house. She killed the manager of there and owned the house. Adam was depressed, because he loved her. He had a servant who used to help him. His name was Lee. Children were grown up by Lee. After 11 years Adam still was in love with her. Once his neighbor told that her wife is a whore and she owns a whore house now. He went to see her. After seeing her he was not in love with her any more. She told him that those boys are not Adam’s sons. They are his brother’s. Then the children were 16. One of them was “cal” the other was “Aron”. Cal knew all things about her mom. But the other one thought that she’s dead. The father loved Aron more. Cal knew that. Once he went to see the mother. He saw her and she was afraid of him because Cal was like Charles. Cal made Aron study for college to make the father happy. And he decided to make lots of money to give it to the father because Adam had a failure in trade. He made that money. And when he wanted to give it to the father Adam told that he should give that money back to the farmers. Because he believed that Cal robbed that money from farmers. Cal told he just wanted make him happy and the father told “If u want to make me happy go your brother way”.  Cal felt jealous to his brother. That night he told all things about their mother and showed her to Aron. Aron shouted and talked to her badly. Cathy killed herself that night and gave all her money to Aron. That night Aron left the family without saying anything. He went to army. One night the news of death of Aron was brought. The father had stroke. Cal felt that he was the reason of death of his brother. He told the story to the father. Then Lee asked Adam to forgive Cal. At the end Adam forgave his son “Cal”.

I recommend this story to anyone who is interested in literature and likes to know about the real life.

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