Expressions, Idioms & Proverbs about Job : 1

In this post we have provided you some of the most common Idioms and proverbs with the word “JOB”.

  • Every body’s business is nobody’s business :Every body’s business is nobody’s business!

Meaning: Every body’s work, belongs just to himself.

  • Diligence is the mother of good luck :

Meaning: Trying to do sth, is the key of success.

  • There are more than one way to skin a cat :

Meaning: There is more than 1000 way, to deal with a job.

  • The busiest man have the most leisure :

Meaning: If you want to do sth, you can do it even if you don’t have time.

  • He who can, does; he who can not, teaches :

Meaning: A person who knows do but a person who doesn’t know just claim.

  • If a thing worth doing, it’s worth doing well :

Meaning: When sth has value, do your best to do it.

  • The labourer is worthy of his hire :

Meaning: Everybody’s value measures by his job.

  • Jack of all trades :

Meaning: A person who claims about everything but do nothing.

  • Make a good / bad job :

Meaning: do something good / bad.

  • Just the job / ticket (informal) :

Meaning: Exactly what is wanted or needed.

  • Give sb / sth up as a bad :

Meaning: Decide that is impossible to do sth.

  • A job of work :

Meaning: Work that you are paid to do or that must be done.

  • Good job :

Meaning: Used to tell sb that he has done well at sth.

  • Have a difficult job doing / to do sth :

Meaning: Find it difficult to do sth.

  • It’s a good job :

Meaning: It’s lucky.

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