Extreme Adjectives 3

There are different kinds of adjectives in English. In this post we want to tell you the differences between ordinary and extreme adjectives and how to emphasis an ordinary or extreme adjective.

Adjectives consist of ordinary and extreme.

  • Ordinary adjectives such as:

Example: Cold, hot, furious…

  • Extreme adjectives such as:

Example: Freezing (very cold), boiling (very hot), furious (very angry)…

You should know how to emphasis an ordinary or extreme adjectives.

1-Most adjectives can be used with very, or really and in the comparative form with even for emphasis.

“Yesterday was very/really cold, but today is even colder.”

Note: Really is more informal than very.

2-Extreme adjectives can not be preceded by very or in the comparative form by even. If you want to emphasis them, you must use “absolutely “or “really”.

“I was absolutely/really furious.”

Today is absolutely freezing!

Today is absolutely freezing!

Note: you can not use absolutely with ordinary adjectives.

DON’T SAY: “Today is absolutely cold.”
SAY: “Today is absolutely freezing.”






There is a list of some common extreme adjectives below:

  • Hilarious (very funny)
  • Boiling (very hot)
  • Delicious (very tasty)
  • Amazed (very shocking)
  • Filthy (very dirty)
  • Huge (very large)
  • Terrified (very frightening)
  • Delighted (very pleased)
  • Freezing (very cold)
  • Exhausted (very tired)
  • Spotless (very clean)
  • Furious (very angry)

3 thoughts on “Extreme Adjectives

  1. Ray Girvan Jul 26,2010 7:34 am

    “Extreme adjectives can not be preceded by very”

    This is plain wrong. Some can’t, but you only need to look in Google News and Google Books to find examples of extreme adjectives being used with “very”. There’s no general rule. For example, here’s an example of “very delicious”:

    Speaking about this specialised group, he said: “This extraordinary breed of farmer manages to produce food – and very delicious food indeed – in some of the harshest conditions; the weather is extreme, the soil is poor and the topography is some of the most challenging.”

    The speaker was Prince Charles. If the future king of England uses a phrase, I think we can be sure it’s acceptable usage.

  2. Noname Sep 1,2012 7:41 am

    Can we say “absolutely hot” ??

  3. X-man Sep 20,2012 6:59 am

    In speaking you can use ‘very’ with extreme adjective ,and grammatically   wrong ,but people still use it in speaking 

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