New Words

Have you ever forgot the meaning of a word? It’s the most common problem that every non-native has. Sometimes you forget the words, sometimes you tell the wrong meaning for a word and sometimes u use the word at incorrect place! After having such problems you will be depressed and then you can’t memorize any word! And that’s too bad.

These problems happen because you yourself are in fault. For example you are reading an article you see a new word; As soon as you saw the word you look it up in English to Persian dictionary and then you start repeat the word and its meaning over and over. And then all those problems start. The biggest mistake that u make is that u want to memorize the words and you use the English to Persian dictionary. For solving these problems you should go on this way:

For example you are reading an article then you see a new word. At first try to guess its meaning according to the subject of article or general meaning of the sentence where the word is located in. And then use English to English dictionary. Pay attention to the part of speech of the word, its syntax and also the dictionary’s examples to know how you can use it in the sentence. And then use English to Persian dictionary if you think it’s necessary. At last try to use this word in your own sentences.

I myself tried lots of other ways such as sticking paper, written new words on, on the wall or using laitener box and so on; I memorized lots of words in this way but I never used them or sometimes I used word instead of each other( It made lots of people laugh at me). As I used the this way to learn the meaning of words, I rarely forget the meaning.

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