Proverbs & Half Proverbs 2

A proverb is a short statement usually known by many people. It states something that is common experience or give advise .

Here are some examples:

you say: absence make heart grow fonder.
you mean: Being apart from someone you love makes you love them more.

you say: actions speak louder than words.
you mean: What people do is more important than what they say.

you say : there’s no point / it’s no good crying over split milk.
you mean: There’s no point in getting upset over something bad that’s happened when you cant change it.

you say: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
you mean: Its not a good idea to put all your efforts or your money into one project as, if it all fails, you may lose everything.

you say: many hands make light work.
you mean: A job is done quickly and easily if plenty of people help.

you say: blood is thicker than water.
you mean: Family relationship are stronger than any other relationship.


Half proverbs
There are number of proverbs, which we only use half of. the ending s are so familiar that it isn’t necessary to say them.

here are some examples:

you say: Too many cooks

ending of proverb: spoil the broth.

meaning: If too many people work on something, they will spoil it.

you say: People who live in grass houses

ending of proverb: shouldn’t throw stones.

meaning: People shouldn’t criticise other people for faults that they have themselves.

you say: Its the last straw

ending of proverb: that breaks the camel’s back.

meaning: something is the last in a series of unpleasant events, and which finally makes you feel that the situation cant continue.

you say: While the cat’s away

ending of proverb: the mice will play.

meaning: when the person in authority is not there, other people will not do what they should do.

you say: Take care of pennies/pence

ending of proverb: and the pounds will take care of them selves.

meaning: If you dont waste small sums of money, you’ll end up with plenty of money.

you say: Birds of feather

ending of proverb: flocks together.

meaning: People who have similar charecters or interests, will often choose to spend time together.

you say: A bird in hand

ending of proverb: is worth two in the bush.

meaning: It’s better to keep what you have,rather than to risk losing it by trying to get more.

you say: The grass is always greener

ending of proverb: on the other side of the fence.

meaning: Other people always seem to be in a better situation than you.

you say: All work and no play

ending of proverb: makes jack a dull boy.

meaning: Someone who spends all their time working becomes a boring person.


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