Acronyms Beginning With Letter “A” 1

Here are some nice  & common acronyms beginning with letter “A” ,which are mostly used in informal contexts.

AAMOF: as a matter of fact
ABFL: a big fat lady
ABT : about
ADN: any day now
AFAIC : as far as I’m concerned
AFAICT: as far as I can tell
AFAICS: as far as I can see
AFAIK : as far as I know
AFAYC: as far as you’re concerned
AFK : away from keyboard
AISI: as I see it
AIUI : as I understand it
AKA : also known as
AML : all my love
ANFSCD: and now for something completely different
ASAP: as soon as possible
ASL: assistant section leader
ASL : age, sex, location
ASLP: age, sex, location, picture
A/S/L: age/sex/location
ASOP : assistant system operator
ATM : at this moment
AWA: as well as
AWHFY: are we having fun yet?
AWGTHTGTTA : are we going to have to go trough this again?
AWOL: absent without leave
AWOL: away without leave
AYOR :at your own risk
AYPI?: and your point is?

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