Animal Cries 2

Have you ever thought how animals sound or its better to say “Do you know the verb that we use to refer the animals voice?” In this post we have collected the most common verbs which refer to animals voice. Hope to enjoy!

horses neigh,

donkeys bray,

bulls snort,

hogs grunt,
goats bleat,

lions roar,

wolves howl,
cats meow and purr,

dogs growl and bark,

puppies yelp,

snakes hiss,

rattle snakes rattle,
hens cackle and cluck,

crows caw,

roosters crow,
birds chirp and tweet,

pigeons coo,

ducks quack,

owls hoot,

chickadees chickadee,

cuckoos cuckoo,
bees drone,

flies buzz,
whales hum (and sing),

dolphins click (and whistle),

frogs ribbit (and croak),
elephant trumpet,

sheep baa,

hyenas laugh,
monkeys chatter and gibber,

parrots talk,

humans brouhaha and hubbub and babble.

2 thoughts on “Animal Cries

  1. Jorge Portillo Oct 2,2011 5:03 am

    Very interesting and useful,thanks!

  2. zina karaeva Oct 24,2012 5:58 am

    I would like to thank the author very much, it is usefull for the rsearchers aswell as for the students . It would be better if they gave the real sound how they do that
    All the best
    Karaeva Zina

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