Communication 1: Commenting on language

A. Commenting on things people say

In these remarks, the speaker uses an idiom to repeat or sum up the underline part of what he/she has just said.

1. I knew everything Bella said was completely untrue. It was all a pack of lies.

2. I’m sorry. I said ‘Iceland’ , but I meant ‘Ireland‘. It was just a slip of tongue.

3. I find it very hard to believe he was just hugging her because he thought she was feeling sad. That’s a likely story!

4. I didn’t say it seriously or even think about it. It was just an off-the-cuff remark.

5. He just said two oppsite things. He said he want to marry me and live with me, and in the same breath he said he want to go off travelling on his own.

6. I have a feeling inside me that what she said was a lie. it just didn’t ring true.

7. We didn’ talk about any serious topics, you know, just the weather holidays, that sort of things. it was just small talk really.

8. They asked me to make speech, but i was so overwhelmed by the presents they gave me I couldn’e think of anything to say. I was completely lost for words.

9. I couldn’t undrestand what he was trying to tell me. I just didn’t know what he was on about. (very informal)

B- Commenting on the words you are saying

  • You ask if I think we should help him. In a word, no. [said when you are about to give your opinion in a short, direct way]
  • I think he’s behaved very stupidly. He’s an idiot, for want of a better word. [ not quite the exact or best word, but good enough for situation]
  • I was, to coin a phrase, as sick as a parrot. [ said when you use a phrase that sounds a bit silly ]

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