Comparative & Superlative Adjectives 2

1. Regular one-syllable adjectives :

  • A. add –er and –est to the adjective :

Adjectives: cheap

Comparative: cheaper

Superlative: the cheapest

Other examples: clean, dark, light, short, tall, slow

  • B. add –r and –st to adjectives ending in –e :




Other examples: large, loose, safe, strange, wise

  • C. double the consonant of adjectives ending in a short vowel and a consonant, and add –er and –est:comparitive adj




Other examples: fat, sat, wet, red, big, hot, fit

2. Regular adjectives with more than one-syllable :

  • A. use more and most in front of adjective :


more sincere

the most sincere

Other examples: boring, careful, modern, comfortable

  • B. change –y to –i and add –er and –est to adjectives :



the happiest

Other examples: dirty, friendly, funny, noisy, tidy, silly

  • C. a limited number of two syllable adjectives can form the comparative and superlative in two ways :


stupider / more stupid

the stupidest / the most stupid

Other examples: clever, common, polite, gentle

  • D. most adverbs form their comparative and superlative with more and most :


more quietly

the most quietly

NOTE: A limited number have comparative and superlative forms with –er and –est:



the fastest

Other examples: early, hard, late, long, soon

3. Irregular forms:

  • A. adjectives:

good               better               the best

bad                 worse               the worst

far                   farther             the farthest

far                   farther             the furthest

old                  older                the oldest

old                  elder                the eldest

  • B. adverbs:

well                better               the best

badly              worse               the worst

little                less                  the least

much              more                the most

  • C. determiners:

little                less                  the least

few                 fewer               the fewest

much              more                the most

many              more                the most

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