The Word “Responsibility”

This articles is contained of some words and idioms related to the word “Responsibility”. In addition to some verbs and adjectives that come with this word in different situations with different meanings.

  • Respond (v): to react to something by taking particular course of action.

Example: The government should listen to industry and respond to its need.

  • Response (n): a spoken or written answer or reaction to something that has happened or been said.

Example: I knocked the door but there was no response.

  • Responsibilities (n): (for something/ for doing something)

1.a duty to deal with or take care of somebody/something so that you may be blamed if something goes wrong;

2.blame for something bad that has happened;

3. (to/towards somebody) (to do something) a duty to help or take care of somebody because of your job position.


A. They have responsibilities for making new laws.

B. The bank refuses to accept responsibilities for mistake.

C. She has a strong sense of responsibility towards her job.

  • Responsible (adj):

1. having the duty of doing something or taking care of somebody/something, so that you may be blamed if something goes wrong;

2. Reliable= irresponsible. Responsibly (adv)


1. Mike is responsible for designing the entire project.

2. She has a responsible attitude to her job.

  • Duty-bound (adj): having to do something because it’s your duty.

Example: I felt duty-bound to help him.

  • A position of responsibility: having an important job like a president.

Example: people in position of responsibility can’t behave like this.

  • Verbs:

  • Take on responsibility: to accept a responsibility

Example: I don’t take on new responsibility.

  • Assume responsibility for = accept responsibility for = claim responsibility for

Example: no body claimed the responsibility for bombing.

  • Feeling sense of responsibility = having sense of responsibility

Example: Teachers feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the students.

  • Take responsibility for (doing) something: to accept doing a work.

Example: Would someone take responsibility for bringing Paul home?

  • Neglect responsibility: to fail to take care of somebody when you are responsible for them.

Example: Parents shouldn’t neglect their responsibilities towards their children.

  • Carry a load = carry burden: to have responsibility for something difficult or unpleasant.

Example: He carries the heavy burden of leadership.

  • Offload responsibility = unload responsibility: to take off responsibility.

Example: When her parents came back, she offloaded the responsibility of taking care of children.

  • Useful Adjectives:

  • A moral responsibility

Moral: related to right or wrong and the way people should behave.

  • A legal responsibility

Legal: related to law and lawyer.

  • A mental responsibility

Mental: related to mind.

  • Some Idioms:

  • Carry the can: to accept the responsibility alone

Example: The manager carries the can in the company.

  • Get somebody off the hook = let somebody off the hook: leave somebody free of responsibilities.

Example: she used to make mistake so I let her off the hook.

  • Hold responsible for something: to be known as the reason of a mistake.

Example: The farmer was held responsible for the damage done by his animal.

  • To be left holding baby = to be left holding bag: to leave alone to do a responsibility.
  • Burden of responsibility: a difficult or serious responsibility that you have to deal with.

Example: She couldn’t tolerate the burden of this responsibility so she offloaded it.

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