Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS (#1)

Those who want to take part in international English exams such as IELTS or TOFEL should be acquittance with words that have similar meanings but different usage.

In this post, we are going to discuss the words which refer to groups or things together.

  • The word batch is people or things dealt with as a GROUP or at the SAME TIME;

The adjectives that use with this word are: “large, small, fresh, whole, new”
Prepositions use with batch are: “in the,of”
Example: I’ve got a whole batch of applications to read through.

  • The word huddle is to come close together in a group;

Verbs that use with huddle: “get into”
Adjectives: little,small,tight
Example:The football players formed a huddle.

  • The word heap/pile is a number of thing lying on top of each other.

Prepositions: in a,the,on,on to a,the,of
Example: He is making heaps of money now that he is in bussiness for himself.

  • The word company is a group of people who worke or perform together.

Adjectives: mixed,assembled
Verb: keep(to spend time with)
Preposition: in
Example: Her mother worried about a company he kept.

  • The word stack is a pile of things arranged one on top of each other.

Example: There is a stack of newspapers.

  • The word littre is a group of animals born at the same time and having the same mother.

Example: We were all surprised when our dog gave a birth to a litter puppies.

  • The word swarm is a large group of insects or any large busy group

Example: swarm of bees descended to a village.

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