Idioms with the Word “Black” 1

Here I offer some idioms which contain the word “Black”.

1) as black as a skillet: very black

My hands were as black as a skillet when I finished working on the car engine.

2) as black as a stack of black cats:very black

The little boy was as black as a stack of black cats after playing outside all day.

3) as black as a sweep: very dirty/black (a chimney sweep cleans chimneys and becomes very black)

My friend was as black as a sweep after he finished cleaning the basement.

4) as black as coal: very blackPitch-Powder

My friend’s cat is as black as coal.

5) as black as night: very dark and black

The old house was as black as night when we entered it.

6) as black as pitch: very black

My face was as black as pitch after cleaning the stove all morning.

7) as black as the ace of spades: very black

The horse in the parade was as black as the ace of spades.

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