Ask Her Out…! 1

Ted likes Jenny, but he’s afraid to ask her out(1).  His friend Jack is trying to help him and encourage him…

Ted:         Hey, Jack, is Jenny coming with us?
Jack:       Yes.  Why?
Ted:         Nothing.  I’m just asking.
Jack:       just asking?  But why is your face burning like mad?  Ah-huh, someone has a crush on Jenny(2),doesn’t he?
Ted:        Who has a crush?!
Jack:      Come on, Ted, don’t be such a chicken.  If you like her, you’ve got to tell her.  Maybe she likes you.
Ted:        Well, I don’t have the guts(3) to ask her out.
Jack:      What are you so afraid of?  Just tell her what you’re feeling about her.
Ted:        I’d totally die if she turned me down(4).
Jack:      But that’s better than keeping everything to yourself.  You’ve got to let her know.  Come on! You’ve got to take a chance!  Even though you are rejected, it’s not the end of the world!  There’s nothing to lose, is there?
Ted:    I don’t know….Well, maybe, you’re right, but how am I going to tell her?

1- ask sb out: to make a date

2- crush on sb: a strong but aften brief feeling of love for sb

3- guts: courage and determination, esp to do sth difficult

4- turn sb down: Refuse to accept

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