Common English Irregular Plurals Forms 3

plural1Most nouns in English are made into plural nouns by adding an ‘s’ to the singular form. If the noun ends with an s, ch, sh, or x, an ‘es ‘ is added to make the noun plural. Plural nouns that are not made plural in this way are irregular plural nouns .


Irregular Plurals List

Each group of words has similar changes.

US ->  I

SINGULAR                           PLURAL
alumnus                                     alumni
cactus                                         cacti
focus                                            foci/focuses
fungus                                         fungi/funguses
nucleus                                       nuclei
radius                                          radii
stimulus                                     stimuli

IS -> ES

SINGULAR                        PLURAL
axis                                          axes
analysis                                 analyses
basis                                        bases
crisis                                       crises
diagnosis                               diagnoses
ellipsis                                    ellipses
hypothesis                            hypotheses
oasis                                        oases
paralysis                                paralyses
parenthesis                           parentheses
synthesis                               syntheses
synopsis                                synopses
thesis                                      theses


SINGULAR                           PLURAL
appendix                                appendices
index                                        indeces/indexes
matrix                                      matrices/matrixes


SINGULAR                       PLURAL
beau                                        beaux
bureau                                   bureaus/bureaux
tableau                                  tableaux/tableaus


SINGULAR                       PLURAL
child                                       children
man                                         men
ox                                            oxen
woman                                  women


SINGULAR                       PLURAL
bacterium                            bacteria
corpus                                   corpora
criterion                               criteria
curriculum                          curricula
datum                                    data
genus                                     genera
medium                                media
memorandum                    memoranda
phenomenon                      phenomena
stratum                                 strata


SINGULAR                          PLURAL
deer                                           deer
fish                                             fish
means                                       means
offspring                                  offspring
series                                        series
sheep                                        sheep
species                                     species

OO -> EE

SINGULAR                        PLURAL
foot                                          feet
goose                                      geese
tooth                                       teeth

A -> AE

SINGULAR                          PLURAL
antenna                                    antennae/antennas
formula                                     formulae/formulas
nebula                                       nebulae
vertebra                                   vertebrae
vita                                             vitae


SINGULAR                          PLURAL
louse                                          lice
mouse                                       mice


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