Expressions, Idioms & Proverbs About Money 2

Expressions, idioms & proverbs about money :

  • I am not made of money :

Meaning: I don’t make money.

  • Be closed-fisted :

Meaning: To be very stingy.

  • Be pressed for money :

Meaning: To be very rich.

  • Be rolling in money :

Meaning: When you have a lot of money.

  • Live on a shoe string :

Meaning: To have a difficult life and have no money but not to show it to others.

  • Easy come, easy go :

Meaning: When you earn money or sth easily, you will miss it easily, too.

  • Pay a heavy price for some thing :

Meaning: To defray a lot of money.

  • Live beyond ones means :

Meaning: To spend money more than you have.

  • Hit the jack pot :

Meaning: To earn a lot of money.

  • Money for old rope :

Meaning: Convenient money.

  • Money does not grow on trees :

Meaning: Money isn’t worthless.

  • Make a fast / quick back :

Meaning: To earn money easily.

  • He is asking an arm and leg for it :

Meaning: To ask money which is not your right.

  • I paid cash on the nail :

Meaning: To pay money for sth with difficulty.

  • Tighten ones belt :

Meaning: To stop wasting money.

  • Not have a bean =  I am broke :

Meaning: I don’t have any money.

  • A well-headed person :

Meaning: To be super rich.

  • Live in gentle poverty :

Meaning: To live poorly but in an honorable way.

  • Seed money :

Meaning: Initial capital.

  • Hush money :

Meaning: To make someone silent.

  • Lay away money :

Meaning: To save money.

  • Make a living :

Meaning: To make money to pass life.

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