Idioms of Happiness 3

Idioms which expresses the extreme happiness…
There are many informal idioms which mean extremely happy but here are the most useful ones:

– I’m over the moon.

– I’m in seventh heaven

– I am / feel on top of the world.

– I am thrilled to bits.

– I am on cloud nine.

Some other happiness Idioms:


jump for joy:

Meaning: be very happy and exited about something that has happened
Example:  Sara jumped for joy when she heard that she’d won first prize.

somethings makes your day:

Meaning: somethings  makes you feel very happy
Example: It’s great to hear it from you. it’s really made my day.

be floating / walking on air:

Meaning: be very happy about something good that has happened
Example:  I’ve been walking on air ever since Chris and I started going out together.

get a real kick out of something:

Meaning: Very much enjoy doing something (informal)

Example: I get a real kick out of going for a run first thing in the morning before anyone else is up.

do something for kicks:

Meaning: Do something because it is exciting, usually something dangerous (informal)

Example: Sandra is keen to have a go at bungee jumping – just for kicks.

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