Tie the Knot! 1

You came across your old friend who was in love with his girl friend, you are eager to know whether he has married or not. This short conversation will help you…proposal-1

Beth:         How are things with you and Daisy ?
Ashley:    Things with Daisy and me are great…perfect, actually.
Beth:         How long have you been seeing each other ? I forgot.
Ashley:    About two and a half years, and I know we’ll eventually tie the knot(1).
Beth:         When do you think that will be ?
Ashley:    Well, I plan on popping the question(2) on her birthday, but don’t tell her. It will ruin the.surprise.
Beth:        What exciting news ! My lips are sealed(3) !

1- To tie the knot: To get married.

2- popping the question: ask someone to marry you

3-lips are sealed: one will not reveal something

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  1. prince_of_persia Mar 30,2009 12:35 am

    thank u mj mardan for ur fantastic slangs–my jaw sagged–..learn us some new slangs..sorry.i didn’t say hello to our friends……HHHHiiiiiii friends

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