English Idioms About Movement 3

English Idioms About Movement

The idioms introduce here all deal with action . Some idioms related top negative actions.

♦ When people are axed,they‘re fired or lose their jobs .

He is axed!

♦ If a worker does something wrong , her boss may call her on the carpet , scold her or bawl her out .

♦ If her boss makes her feel bad,or degrade her overrated self imagined personality or importance, she would be cut down to size.

To draw the line means to set the limit .

For example: You might help a friend to study , but draw the line at writing his paper from him .

♦ A professor who covers a lot of ground in a lecture gives much information.

( similarly , a traveler might cover a lot of ground by going a long distance.)

♦ If people go to a theater to see a mystery and they were kept in suspense until the last minute , the mystery is called cliffhanger .

♦ If audience members enjoy the performance , clapping and cheering loudly and boisterously , they would be said to bring the house down .

♦ In the hill tribes of northern India , it was the custom to bend over backwards while doing a yoga exercise that symbolizes to god . To bend over backwards now means to do every thing possible to please or accommodate an other person .

♦ A professor might bent over backwards to help students who are having difficulty in a course .

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