Too and Enough, So and Such 2


Too and Enough :

Too and Enough are used with adjectives and indicate degree. Here we have provide you the different usages of Too and Enough, So and Such.

This is too big for me!

This is too big for me!

A. Too means ‘more is necessary or desirable.’

1. To + adjective / adverb

Ex: This jumper’s too big. Can I try a smaller size?

2. Too much / Too many (+ noun)

Ex: I can’t eat this. There is too much salt in it.

Ex: There are too many people here. Let’s go outside.

3. Too + adverb / adjective (+ for + object) + infinitive

Ex: It’s too cold to play tennis today.

Ex: He spoke too quickly for me to understand him.

B. Enough means ‘as much as is necessary’

1. Adjective / Adverb + enough

Ex: Are you warm enough or shall I turn the heating on?

2. Enough + noun

Ex: We’ll have to stand because there aren’t enough chairs.

3. Enough (+ for + object) + infinitive with to

Ex: I haven’t got enough time to see you today.

So and such

These ‘intensifiers’ are used to give emphasis.

A. So is used before:

1. adjectives and adverbs without nouns.

Ex: I’m so tired. I’ll have to go to bed.

2. much, many, little, few

Ex: You shouldn’t eat so much, Jack.

B. Such is used with or without an adjective before:

1. singular countable nouns ( the indefinite article a/an is also needed).

Ex: She’s got such a wonderful voice.

2. uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns (the article is not needed).

Ex: Our neighbors are such friendly people.

C. So and such can both be used with a that clause to talk about the results or  consequences.

Ex: It was such a boring place that we decided to leave.

Ex: It was raining so hard we had to stop the car.


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