Important & Not Important 3

Those who are studying for international examinations such as TOEFL or IELTS should learn how to use different similar words in their right place and situation.

Here are 10 similar words which express the importance of things and situations which usually mistaken by Non-native English learners.

1. Fundamental: The base upon which a system is built and supported.

  • Example: The constitution is the fundamental law of the united states.

2. Essential: Something belongs to the nature of something and therefore can not be removed without destroying it.

  • Example: Without the bare essential of life a person will not survive.

3. Vital: Something necessary for the existance of a thing.

  • Example: It is vital that the witness testifies in the court.

4. Indispensable: Something that is too important or necessary to be without.

  • Example: Nurses are indispensable in a hospital.

5. Crucial: Something very important which helps to decide the future. It is used in a crisis situation.

  • Example: What we decide in the next few minutes is crucial because it will affect our lives.

6. Drastic: rapid, harsh and extreme action

Example: Drastic measures were taken by the government to control the rate of inflation.

7. Significant: Something important that has a meaning to the person  who says it and those who hear it.

  • Example: His speech on this sad occasion was very significant to us all.

8. Petty: Something of the least importance by comparison to other things.

  • Example: I am tired of your petty excuses for being late.

9. Trivial: Something not important and very common and therefore not worth considering.

  • Example: He occupied himself with trivial things because of his fear of dealing with important matter.

10. Mere: No more than, Emphasizes how limited a thing is.

  • Example: What do you expect? He is a mere child.


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