American Style Speaking No.1 2

“American Style Speaking is the new section in “LWL” zone. in these posts you will find a pdf file and an audio file (mp3 format) that compressed in a zip file.

each post is a lesson extracted from a short story, that written in American routine talking mode which can improves your American accent speaking.

in end of each lesson there is a list of idioms that appeared in the story and also a quiz for examine yourself.

the answer key is the last page in the pdf file.

American Style Speaking

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  1. Jawed Dec 16,2012 9:38 am

    I’m Jawed Moradi living in Kabul Afghanistan. It’s some one year and half that I terminated my English courses in one of the best English Centers in Afghanistan and was in satisfaction with my abilities of dealing with all skills that one is supposed to have during the proccess of study; but recently I got some serious troubles with some of these skills specially in speaking and that’s due to vacancy that was created between my graduation and now because I didn’t take any specific precautions in order to be dealing with my English all or at least sometimes in my study time table. So, as an English learning source, I regardly ask you to give some significant and efficient advices via my ’email address’. thanks

  2. deep Jan 24,2013 6:45 pm

    Plz, help me to learn english

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