Future Continuous Tense

Future Progressive (continuous) Tense

Here, in this post we have provide you a simple but complete and easy explanation about  Future Progressive (Continuous) Tense.

Tom will be sleeping when we arrive.

Tom went to sleep at 10.00 tomorrow night. We will arrive at 11.00. The action of sleeping will begin before we arrive, and it will be in progress at a particular time in the future. Probably his sleep will continue.

The Form:

Subject + WILL / SHALL +Be + VERB-ING

The Use:

1. This form of the future tense expresses duration of a single future event.

  • You will be answering questions at this time next week.
  • She will be working on that book for a long time.

2. Like the past progressive form, it can also indicate duration at some point.

  • – What will you be doing tomorrow night at ten?
  • – I will be sleeping soundly tomorrow night at that hour.

3. The future progressive often emphasize closeness to the present, specially with a word like soon.

  • Soon the men will be working at this end of the building.
  • We will be visiting each other soon.

4. See and hear used in future progressive form have special meanings. In both these sentences the immediate future is understood.

  • I will be seeing you. (meaning I expect to meet you again)
  • You will be hearing from me. (meaning You will get a communication from me)


Sometime there is little or no difference between the future continuous and the simple future, especially when the future event will occur at an indefinite time in the future.

Don’t get impatient. She will be coming soon.
Don’t get impatient. She will come soon.


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