Adjectives, Idioms & Slangs of Angry situations 10

Angry Adjectives:

Here are some adjectives that we use that mean angry. They are show strong anger. They can be used in any situation – none of them are slang.anger

* Enraged
* Furious
* Infuriated
* Irate
* Livid

Angry Idioms:

Here are some idioms that can be used in angry situations
To have a face like thunder

To look angry / to have an angry appearance:

“Stay away from Mr.Jones, he’s got a face like thunder. I don’t know what happened to make him so angry.”

To hit the roof

To get very angry and fly into a rage:

“He hit the roof when I told him that someone had scratched his car.”
To drive someone crazy

Something that makes you angry drives you crazy:

“It drives me crazy when people talk loudly in the cinema.”
Angry Slang:

Here are some commonly used slang expressions that show someone is angry. These are casual expressions and should not be used in formal situations. They all mean the same thing: “She became angry.”

* “She goes bananas if parks in her parking space.”
* “She went ballistic when I broke her mobile phone.”
* She will go mental when she finds out what you did.”
* She totally lost it. You should go and apologise. She’s really angry with you.”
* She went postal. I’ve never seen anyone get so angry.”

PS-enjoy your angry situations….. 😀 !

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