How to Talk about Physical Appearance?

How to talk about physical appearance?

There are many ways to talk about physical appearance and describe people in English. In this post, We have provide you the most common conversations and conversational phrases which are used in describing people and talking about their physical appearance.

He is Short!

He is Short!


A: So, is your boss young?

He is in hes thirties, I guess about 35.


A: Its quite long.

B: What color is it?

A: Its light brown. And its a little curly.


A: He is not very tall, about 175 centimeters.

B: Oh yeah, that’s not so tall.


A: He looks about 17.

B: No, he is older than that. He is almost 25.

A: No, I don’t believe it. He doesn’t look that old.


A: She likes to wear it really short.

B: Yeah? And is it straight or curly?

A: Curly. Really curly. You cant miss her when you see her.


A: Is she short?

B: No, she is really tall. about 180 centimeters.


A: Is she in her teems or her twenties?

B: I think she is in her twenties. She is really nice. Do you want to see her?

A: Yeah, sure.


A: Its not very long but its very straight. And its sometimes green.

B: Green!

A: Yeah. He sings in a rock band, I think.

Part B:


A: What does your friend look like, Tony?

B: Cindy? Oh, she’s tall. And she’s got long, dark brown hair.


A: Tell me about your boy friend, Anne.

B: Well, his name’s Bob. He is 17. Let me see… Well, she’s got curly brown hair. He is not very tall–about average. But he is really good-looking.


He is average.

He is average.

A: So, Bob, whats the new girl in the class like?

B: She’s pretty tall, about 170centimeters. She’s got glasses and short curly hair. I think she is about 20.

A: Whats her name?

B: I can’t remember. Anne, I think.


A: So, tell me about your cousin, Paul.

B: Well, she is very pretty.

A: Really? Is she blond?

B: No, she’s got dark brown hair. Everybody likes her. She is an actress.

A: Really? I’d like to meet her.

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