common errors in English usage

common errors in English usage
Here is a PDF file about common errors in English usage. Free to download, CLICK HERE

Discourse Markers

Discourse Markers
Discourse markers are expressions that are used to show how discourse is constructed. They can show the connection between what a speaker is saying and what has already been said or what is going to be said; they can help to make clear the structure of what is being said; they can indicate what speakers ...

PDF 500 Famous Quotations 2

    Here is a PDF of 500 famous quotations prepared just for you ! Enjoy your time !   Click Here to Download    

Oxford Collocation Dictionary (PDF) 10

Oxford Collocation Dictionary (PDF) download Knowing the company a word keeps can be as easy as ABC.   A: Install a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, etc.) on your computer. B: Open the PDF file provided in this post C: Enter the word you want to look up (in the Ctrl+F window) You ...

Lexical/Grammatical Collocations: Patterns and Examples 4

  Benson, Benson, and Ilson (1986) categorized English collocations into two classes: lexical collocations and grammatical collocations (with 7 and 8 types respectively); lexical collocations are made up only of verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs in different possible combinations while grammatical collocations contain words such as verbs, adjectives or nouns combined with a preposition or a ...

Cambridge – Michael McCarty – English Collocations In Use.pdf 2

Download Free Collocations in Use — PDF version CLICK HERE Link One CLICK HERE Link Two

Collocations with “heavy” by R.E.Jones

Some collocations with heavy CERTAIN TYPES OF WEATHER You can talk about: a heavy snowfall / heavy snow a heavy frost heavy rain a heavy storm heavy (storm) clouds (But probably not, for example, a heavy typhoon or a heavy typhoon). WORK SCHEDULES You can talk about: a heavy schedule a heavy workload heavy day ...

Using the Wrong Preposition (Misused Forms 2) 4

Using the Wrong Preposition (Misused Forms 2)
Using the Wrong Preposition Most common collocation mistakes which usually Non-native English learners commit. Deprive of, not from: Don’t say: Nelson Mandela was deprived from his freedom. Say: Nelson Mandela was deprived of his freedom. Die of an illness, not from an illness: Don’t say: Many people have died from Malaria. Say: Many people have ...

Speaking English 8

Speaking English
As all of us know a person who knows English has 4 skills all together: Writing, reading, listening and speaking. There are lots of English learners who can’t speak efficiently! Actually they didn’t improve this skill.  Here are some tips that can help anyone wanting improve his speaking. Participate at panel discussions or in English ...

Idioms Most Frequently Used in Conversation

Idioms Most Frequently Used in Conversation
Here are some Idioms with long used frequently in conversation. Useful for NON-NATIVE English Learners. Ben: Hi Jill! I haven’t seen you for ages. Jill: Yeah, long time no see! [I haven’t see you for a long time] Nancy: Hey, what happened to your plan to go on holiday with Ken? Rita: Oh, it’s a ...