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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Angelo Mbongue Nov 12,2012 7:18 pm

    the topic on collocation is an interisting area of studying English chiefly for english learner, i truly believe that if people study english taking collocation as their primary concern they will be more saccessful.

  2. Anthony Martinez Dec 22,2012 11:43 pm

    What is the name of a place with many types of stores (2 Words)?…Much appreciated!….A crossword puzzle question….Anthony M. Martinez

  3. Dmitry Napkhanyuk Jan 10,2013 7:14 pm

    I got a lot of useful information and found a mistake when I was reading your post

    We’re going to grab a bite to eat. = We’re gonna grab a bite to eat.
    I’m going to the office tonight. = I’m going to the office tonight.

    The second example is the same in each time 🙂

    Thanks a lot for this web site and this post of course
    Have a nice day,

  4. JOSEPH SCOCCIMARRO Jan 18,2013 8:18 pm

    Thank you, I am an ESL teacher in South America, would appreciate information and excercises for my students of all levels.

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